Sunday, December 9, 2012

Actor Danny Glover joins Detroit protest aganst Hantz Group attempt Land Grab!

Actor Danny Glover joins Detroit land protest »Local 4's Bisi Onile-Ere explains why the film action star is in Detroit

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  1. ‎#HantzOff #Landgrab #DetroitFuture Channel 4 Coverage and Mis-coverage

    I KNOW at the end she meant to say “ONLY” $500,000…remember .0833 cents a square foot. 180 acres, over 1800 Lots….do the math. This land is being either given away or stolen.


    Corrections to the issues: Plan is NOT for urban agriculture and food growing, nor is it for timber trees and ornamentals…its now “grow and mow” benevolent beautification….Hantz says he is just going to grow trees and keep the grass mowed….


    And the “one opposed group” is actually an aggregate of a larger number of community organizations and churches…


    AND of all the folks at the rally last night, very few had ever heard of this plan until the last weeks or so…”Community support and representation” BAH!!