About Us

D-Town Farm    Location: Detroit : MI

In June 2008, we acquired use of a two acre site in the City of Detroit’s Meyers’ Tree Nursery in Rouge Park as the long-term home for D-Town Farm. This acquisition was the result of two years of meetings and negotiations with the Detroit City Council, and the City’s Planning, General Services and Recreation Departments. We were able to get a license agreement to use the site for $1 annually for ten years. We continued to build on the template that we had developed over the previous two years for bed preparation, planting, pest management, watering, work schedules, daily crew leaders, and harvesting. We expanded the number of farmers markets that we participated in. We held our Second Annual Harvest Festival on October 4, 2008. Through the support of the Garden Resource Program, we installed a 12’ X 20’ hoop house in late September. We began operation of a 36’ X 90’ high tunnel hoop house during the 2009 growing season.